Saturday, January 14, 2012

I haven't seen such a great day in commenting since October 12, 2010. (Great Moments in MKM History, II)

Dedication to a joke and its form is one of the defining hallmarks of MKM, and I'm not just talking about OOVAGC.  Let's take a look at a typical morning in the life of MKM:

Count 'em:




And that's all before 10:30 a.m. PST, when some chump like Phintastic lazily rolls out of bed, watches last night's episode of Leno on his Betamax, and then tries to deliver nearly identical material to the commentariat but without all the edginess.

I know people bag on the form, but I'm actually a big fan of "I haven't seen .... [x] since [y]."  It's overdone, yes, and people shoehorn lots of shit into it that doesn't fit (yes, I am talking about your Jerry Sandusky joke) but if done well, it works.  And you know who does it well?  A dude named MarkKelsoMigraine.  I haven't seen a guy knock out a joke that consistently since Robin Givens filed for divorce.

/drops mic


  1. Since your blog recycles content from Deadspin could you also recycle their ads? I've forgotten what happens if I stay on the rez.