Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good God, I Never Realized The Extent To Which Revenge Of the Nerds Sanctioned Rape

So, everyone loved Revenge of the Nerds growing up, right? Well, it's on ComedyCentral right now and, wow, I never realized the extent to which it glorifies and celebrates rape. Sure, there's the panty raid scene, which includes both Erin Andrews style hidden cameras and a lot of groping and chasing. But what about the scene where Louis finally wins over hottie cheerleader Bettie Childs by wearing a mask and posing as her boyfriend in order to seduce her in a fun house?  How creepy-rapey is that?  And her reaction to this incredible violation? She loves it. She dumps her actual boyfriend, Jefferson D'Arcy, and leaves with the nerapist. Wow. Good message to deliver to our drunken fraternity youth.

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