Monday, March 12, 2012

IMG Has Lost His Damn Mind...

           There's a new sheriff in town, and I jacked IMG's favorite adult beverage, Nyquil

So as you can see, I made my feelings shown here about IMG and his pussificiation of the site. Dude has gone corporate, so that's why I'm here. He had said a few weeks back to keep an eye out for me, and up until today, I didn't feel like I had shit to say.

I was wrong.

This place, site, blaog, whateverthefuck it is, is supposed to be a fun place for the commenters who choose to be here to bust some balls, maybe give some advice and just dick around. Now that IMG has decided for whatever reason that he needs to regulate it, shit's going downhill. Sack up. That goes for IMG and anyone who's getting their feelwings hurt because someone told them their comment sucked.

Maybe suggesting some poor bastard who just isn't funny should dive in front of a train ain't cool, but it's still all anonymous so get your panties untwisted. Don't like what's written here, don't read it.

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