Saturday, June 23, 2012

MKMOT (June 23-24, 2012)

Oh dear. It's here. Manic Monday? More like Panic Monday, amirite???

With all this change afoot, it's nice to have a constant. So I'm giving it to you. A lame, thoughtless, weekend writeup, and some space below a video for you to make very few comments.

Don't say I never did anything for you, you ingrates. I don't have to work weekends. But I do it for you. You can choose not to show up, but you can't blame me. Rain, snow, sleet, or weekend, it's open.


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    1. There is a sauna being built beneath hell just for you, sugartits.

  2. Hey, Skeevy, thanks for the platform to discuss an opinion that nobody gives a fuck about.

    While I was initially dismayed by the new commenting regime, I think as a group of highly educated and refined men, that we can overcome it to thrive as before.

    Let's not let Denton's desire to be a rich fuck deter us from continuing to make hilarious and insightful comments. We can do it, you guys.

  3. Guy who laughed more than he expected at a child rapists verdictJune 23, 2012 at 12:13 PM

    For those who might have missed it at the late hour, the Sandusky verdict post led to some of the best comments of the week. BronzeHammer got 27 +1s across two comments and Phintastic got his star back just in time to lose it again.

    A nice way to end the last weekday of the starred era.

    1. Yeah, last night was great. The commentariat in full effect, with a meaty story to sink into, is glorious.

  4. Mangini In A BottleJune 23, 2012 at 1:05 PM

    Apps For Which I Would Totally Pay $0.99

    -Feces Forecaster. I'd like to be able to punch in my diet over the past 24 hours and get a fecal model prediction before I take a shit. This would be tremendously entertaining.

    Surely you all must have an app idea NEARLY as good as this one.

    1. Are you talking simply "food content/consistency" predictor, or would there also be a time function? Like, it will know that if I eat Taco Bell at 6, I will be on the toilet at 6:45, and it will recommend I don't go on a long road trip?

    2. Mangini In A BottleJune 24, 2012 at 5:57 PM

      Well, I hadn't thought about your version, but let's include it. BRILLIANT. I love it. We're taking over the world, and I want you in on the ground floor!*

      *metaphorically, as the literal ground floor is the testing grounds**

      **the testing grounds are where the poop*** goes


  5. I see Captain Insensible is jockeying hard to be the official grouchy malcontent troll of the Kinja era.