Wednesday, September 5, 2012


  1. Oh baby, your room is now my office.


  2. Being a conspiracy nerd Guy Who I looked at the comment history of all of the likely Marv Skeevy's. Do you realize that Gamboa, Steve_U, and Raysism all took at least 3 days off this week (5 each for the first two)? In addition to the legions of other commenters who seem to have just given up, that might be the most damning aspect of Kinja so far. All of these guys can't be on vacation at the same time, can they? (Yes, I know, Labor Day - but still...) People are voting with their feet.

    Oh, and my money is on Steve_U. No one in their right mind would give Raysism keys to the site and Gamboa was also MIA for most of the prior week while MS was around.