Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because I Can't, I Won't and I Don't Stop...

IMG come and drop a Roundup.

Pictured (L-R): What IMG thinks he looks like, what IMG thinks he sounds like, IMG

Today's Top Five Comments

Nibbles was out in force today, so the Roundup will be a bit more haphazard than usual.  For what it's worth, there were several cases when I tried to give out a +1 today only to get a "comment save fail."  You can assume that's what happened if you felt insufficiently loved.  Lord knows, it's what I'm doing [stares daggers at all of you].

5.  Reigning COTY TDK absolutely knocked this one out of the park in the Yu Darvish thread.   Sure, you have to take into account that it's hardly an achievement to knock one out of the bandbox in Arlington, and the lack of universal Olympic-style beer testing among the commentariat is a major issue whenever one tries to get a handle on TDK's true ability, but he's absolutely got one of the highest VORCs in the game right now.

4.  AzureTexan.  That's really all I should have to write for you to know that this is brilliantly clever and hilarious.  But since I'm working on the assumption that UweBollocks might read this, let me try to express it someway he might understand, too:


3.  RMJ=H made me laugh out loud with this one.  It's a good example of how a great joke can be executed without any bells and whistles; you could almost overlook it if you weren't paying close attention, which is of course how Steve Irwin got himself in that situation in the first place. 

2.  It's a shame Stev D isn't around as much these days, because he can seemingly drop comments like this one at will.  Also capable of dropping almost any thing or one at will?  Every person who has ever been in Anna Nicole Smith's life. 

1.  Oh come on, you knew this was making the list. [I saw your tweet, and you can suck it, Achiever].  Is it only funny because it's MKM?  Yes, absolutely.  But that changes neither the fact that it is funny, nor that it is MKM. 

Honorable Mentions (you know, where I pimp myself)

I scuffled a bit today, but I did think this one was pretty funny...

Have fun!  We'll talk more soon...

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