Friday, January 20, 2012

Here's What Raysism Would Probably Say If He Were Allowed To Write A Column on Why Raysism Is The Most Raysismistically Raysismexcellent Commenter in the World (Profiles in Commenters Who Are Nowhere Near As Good As MKM)

Raysism got in touch and wanted to know if he could write a guest piece about his favorite commenter, Raysism.  I said no, but then I felt bad, because I had just spoken to fucking Raysism, and no one should have to endure that shit.  So, anyway, here's what I imagine Raysism's profile would have looked like, if I'd allowed him to write one.

Pictured: Raysism, feeling composed
That's you.  That's how you comment.

MKM > Raysism

UPDATE:  For every action, there is an equal and totally batshit reaction.


  1. God, now that you post this, Raysism really is a great commenter.

    And this was close, but I'd probably use more Raysism references.

  2. That's so gay, it has a liquor locker at the Pottery Barn.

  3. Raysism is really similar to the team he's named after, in that nobody likes him.

  4. I like Raysism, but he's no Free Man, like some other Free Man we all know and love. Not that I have a dog in the fight, I just like some people are like a Free Man, and others just like to emulate what it's like to be a Free Man.

    I like beer too.