Friday, January 20, 2012

DUAN, Roundup, Etc.

So, DUAN has been something tonight, hasn't it?  Except for a few stragglers who didn't quite get it (keep on truckin', ithacabaron) it was sort of like an extended reflex test for me - a long form version of the epic Phintastic meme thread from last year.   Good times, but it has totally worn me out.

You'll get a roundup or something tomorrow.   I don't know.  I owe you nothing.  I'm going to settle in and rock out to some Fiona Apple for a while to catch my breath.


  1. A "round"up? Lame.

  2. Thanks for linking to Phin's DUAN thread. Easily one of the greatest threads of all time, started by possibly one of the greatest Deadspin commenters of all time.