Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Collection of Yesterday's Best Comments That Does Not Use Any Term Related to B_xing

So, that DUAN was something, huh?  I felt like I was trapped in some sort of giant whack-a-mole game, and not the cool kind where I get to shoot at Drew Brees, either.  But, if you look past that, there was actually some pretty decent albeit sub-MKM quality work done yesterday.  Let's take a looksie, shall we?

Today's Yesterday's Top Five Comments

I am going to omit all the fine work that was done in Drew's Gawker thread, but +1 to all of you who went over their to raise havoc, except for Cyrus_The_Virus, because he is just awful.  I mean, unfunny-obnoxious-unlikeable-so-terrible-that-just-seeing-his-avatar-can-make-a-baby-bird-die awful.  Anyway, we're here to talk about good comments, so let's move on. 

5.  Gamboa Constrictor dropped a nice comment in one of the 14 articles on Brian Downing yesterday (I am working on the theory that Tim Burke has self-destructed until proven otherwise).  He actually had an even better version ready to go, but he couldn't quite find a way to make "dangling participle" sound dirty enough. 

4.  Sponsored By V8 had a huge day and there were any number of his comments that were worthy of recognition, but that seems like a lot of work, so hope about I just point out this one and you guys go find the rest, ummkay?  This is a service, dammit, not a job. 

3.  If there is any commenter who consistently approaches MKM levels of hilarity, it's David_Hume.  And this comment was quintessential Hume: perfectly put out there, hysterical, and understated.  Like Brett Favre's junk. 

2.  Like Sponsored By V8, it can always be daunting to find the best AzureTexan's best entry of the day, so I'll go with this one, which cracked me up but received even less attention than Newt Gingrich's Guide to Remaining Civil With Your Ex-Wives.

1. MKM MKM MKM.  I avoid the commentary on DHFs, but this one was worth wading through all the toxic sludge around it, not unlike a visit to Broadway. 

Honorable Mentions (you know, where I pimp myself)

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