Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey There....

Looking for something new?  Well, it ain't happening.  At least not right now.  Well, unless you consider this something new, in which case, hey, congrats, dude!

I'll be back soon.  Just a little busy.  Here, this should keep you occupied for the time being.

1 comment:

  1. IMG:

    I know you get tons of hits, and that you're too kind/well-balanced to write something like this, so allow me:

    Starred Commenters From The Past,

    Get your shit together. Most of you just hang out in Drew's posts, but when you crawl into an everyday Deadspin thread, it's brutal. Today's Craigslist football post brought out some bullshit, and I want to point it out:

    1. Junk from Upstate Underdog. This is not a joke, and he doesn't care.

    2. Then he promotes this down-thread. Take away his star.

    3. Another old starred commenter writing non-jokes with impunity: J-No

    4. I don't know this guy but this doesn't belong.

    I know this is mean and unfunny and totally unhelpful, which is why IMG wouldn't write it. I apologize for co-opting your excellent blog for a dumb rant.