Saturday, January 28, 2012

An MKM Top Ten List (Least Popular Cars)

So, it's no secret that I occasionally sneak over to Jalopnik to ogle the finest, most beautiful automobiles in the world, while mingling with the absolute worst - and almost certainly ugliest - commentariat on the planet.   The cars featured there, besides those earning the "Crack Pipe" moniker, tend to be the greatest, most popular vehicles in the world.  Today, a top ten list that explores those cars that would better accord (Accord!?) with the aesthetics of the Jalopnik readership.

Top Ten Least Popular Cars for 2012

10.  Dodge Creditors
9.  Lamborghini Rollata al Forno
8.  Maybach Upunexpectedly
7.  Bentley Harvey-Oswald
6.  Hyundai UMF
5.  Kia Mycara
4.  Passion of the Chrysler
3.  A Lexus Rios
2.  Chevrolet Off Everyone
1.  GM KM


  1. 11. Toyota Camretard

  2. 11. Toyota Carolla Is One Of My Best Friends And We Hang Out All Of The Time