Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Not Doing Duds ... But Jesus Christ Look At This One

Ohmigod, you totally need to see this (except you probably can't unless you have a star, so I've reproduced it below).  This is like the crapo di tutti crapo.  It's like the Six Million Dollar man of shitty comments.  Like someone strung together elements of all the other shittiest comments into one comment so completely shitty - lame, obvious targets; premise makes no sense; awful writing; no punch line - that no other comment could ever out shit it.  I actually almost admire it.



  1. I'm not doing duds... but Jesus Christ look at this one says Mary Magdalin as she taked off her panties

  2. DetWarrior is also the name of the collecsion agency hired too get Jery Sandusky too pay his bils cuz he's broke from paying of all those kidz he diddled!11!!1