Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Also Would Have Accepted John Kruk!1!!1!

We hate to pick on anyone, but it's not about the commenter, it's about the comment. And it needs to be said........

Please, please...make it stop. Thank you, and carry on.

The ringleader, when asked his employment, told police he runs a ball-retrieval business.
"Sir? A Mr. Armstrong is on line two and says it's urgent."


  1. You spoke too soon.

  2. Hell, I actually kinda like this one and the Kruk one from Erg. I guess it's because both of them used dialogue to insert some style, rather than just going LANCE ARMSTRONG APPROVES!!1! or whatever.

  3. Goddammit, the only time I get mentioned on here and it's for sucking. I will do better. Low hanging fruit and such....