Saturday, June 9, 2012

MKMOT (June 9 - 10, 2012)

FDR once said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." And while the challenges he faced pale in comparison to the upcoming blitzkrieg that is PowWow, there may be a lesson in those words.

So go forth today, head high, chest out, and make great jokes. Oh what, it's the weekend? You think stupid takes a day off? The threats of pinkos (commies or otherwise) don't stop just because you're nursing a hangover.

Godspeed, soldiers. Your balog is depending on you.


  1. Threat of pinkos???

    The Price Is Right isn't even on today!

  2. It's late, but there it is.

    Here's to you, MKMUB heroes. Have a great weekend.

  3. Is anyone else having problems getting on to Deadspin today? I can't visit any Gawker sites all of a sudden, but everything else on the internet is A-OK.

    1. I've had that happen before. Turns out it was a Comcast problem. Just had to reboot my router.

    2. I've rebooted my router, cleaned my cache, reset my firewall, reset my router to its factory settings. I've tried other browsers and other computers. No soap.

      This fucking sucks.

  4. Just went back to the PR post and found this pink reply. THANKS FOR CLARIFYING THAT, LADY!