Saturday, June 30, 2012




    This comment links to a chrome add on (put together by a Kotaku commentor) which adds a "go classic" option to the comments. It orders the comment chronologically in threaded replies.

    It fixes everything.

    Holy shit.

    1. The importance of this cannot be overstated. There should be a separate post about this on this blog.

      Hopefully he finds a way not to have to click the "classic" button in each thread. But, holy shit - one extra click is certainly better than tens-to-hundreds.

    2. It's worth nothing how this sensible, linear system is not only an obvious improvement, but also how implementing it for certain users and not others underscores how absurd Kinja is. For instance, using this extension, it's much easier to see replies. I've already seen, several times, a commenter have back-to-back near-identical comments because Kinja has forced him to reply to two separate branches of the conversation he was initially participating in. You can actually view the redundancy that Kinja creates very easily in this set-up, which isn't really annoying, just pathetic.

      And I don't know if BlueTunic had a star or not, but he's proof that Deadspin is not the only site that benefitted from a smart, resourceful, interesting user base that is currently being marginalized in the Kinja mire.

    3. Let's try not to make too much noise about this, guys. From what I understand from looking at this thing, it should be pretty easy for Gawker tech to plug the API call and kill this extension, should they decide to. So let's not draw too much public attention to it, because it is a fucking treasure.

      If there are commenters you can tell about it privately, or if you want to spread the word here or by replies to old comments on DS, that's the way to go.

    4. There's no reason to suspect that Gawker tech would do any such thing.

    5. Not to mention the fact that it was all over Kotaku (obviously) before we even got wind of it, and just for good measure, this blog gets read over there, too. Safe to say they know about it already, but I'm not worried.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, that is truly sweet!


  3. I hate Kinja. I hate that we lost our stars. I hate that trolls are able to come in and write shit without needing approval.

    But, we are still able to do what we enjoy doing to pass time, and that is to write funny jokes on our favorite website. And, we have figured out how to work the algorithm (for the most part) to ensure that the funniest comments are towards the front of line. So, there is my positive spin on the whole Kinja situation.