Saturday, June 30, 2012


Take note, y'all. Love ya, Erg!

A guy named blueTunic on Kodaku has created a Show All (Classic View) extension for Chrome. So far so good. It reverts back to Kinja as you go from thread to thread but damn, it looks pretty.


  1. To simplify it just a step, here's the link. Genius.

    1. Goody, wanted to ask. Are links done here the same as Deadspin? Didn't want to blow up the place.

    2. Yep, same html code for links, italics, bold.

      Bless your heart for finding this.

    3. Cool. Bless the guy who wrote it and the guy from Kodaku who thought of us. It works with Jezebel but not with io9 or Gawker so far.


    This is a great moment in stupidity.

  3. For whatever reason, it stopped working for me after a few minutes.


  4. This is incredible. blueTunic just secured my vote as a first ballot hall of famer.

  5. blueTunic posted a note on his extension:

    in case this doesn't work, and THIS if it does.

  6. When I added a simple +1 to this:

    Post ApocalypticRecSpecs 34 minutes ago
    Where the fuck is Jimi Hendrix when you need him?

    it dropped it from second or third position down to eighth.

    When I edited the comment to this:

    Erg 24 minutes ago
    +1, need to have a way to enter guitar riffs to comments

    it moved the comment up to what was then the second position.

    Don't know if this is always the case but, at least in this one, a simple +1 hurt the comment's score, while adding a short phrase seemed to neutralize the +1's effect.

    Should we continue with simple +1's and hope they eventually at least don't harm the comment's rank, or add a simple line to neutralize the effect?

    The kinja view does have some value, and will have more if they get the algorithm smoothed out, although classical is still the best for revisiting and for DUAN type threads.