Thursday, July 12, 2012

MKM Top Ten

Top Ten Words That Should Be Dirty Words But Aren't

10.  Carp
9.    Loophole
8.    Brie
7.    Blurb
6.    Fred
5.    Shovel
4.    Napkin
3.    Spool
2.    Sate
1.    Chunk


  1. I'll add, to an already very good list:

    - Garb
    - Gum
    - Parse
    - Scab
    - Lull
    - Pry
    - Taut
    - Cumassfuckfart

  2. Replies
    1. Jetsam


    2. Fredmade a loophole in his napkin as he cut a chunk of the brie, attached the spool to his shovel and cast into the calm waters in hope of a carp, no luck as they had sated their appetite. What gall, what ego, he refixed the scab on his leg with gum, used his taut body to pry his fishing garb from the hull of his boat in a lull of his casts. "Cumassfuckfart carp." Skunked again, too much flotsam & jetsam.

    3. Sorry, that was me, E-Stinko.