Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday's Roundup

Sorry this is late. Some duds and favorites from Wednesday's comments:


This mo-ron doesn't even know how to top a pizza. I bet he's equally inept at "topping" women, amirite???

And this hipster always burns his mouth on his hot dog because he takes a bite before it's cool. I'm not sure if that Affliction shirt will go with your capri pants, guy, but obviously you're more concerned with smelling your own farts than your attire. I'll give you that.


A few beacons of integrity showed up to guide this ship back to shore.

Our favorite judge came down with another level-headed, authoritative decision. This guy is a treasure, and we are lucky to have him until the Supreme food court calls him up, which is inevitable. Erection, sustained.

This renegade took two bold stances in once comment. That's good hustle. He knows both what to put on his hot dog and what not to put on his back. The even more impressive part is that he has such little time to eat or be clothed because he is constantly busy pleasing beautiful women who thank him for his service. Encased meat, indeed.

There you have it. Now get off my back, Gallego. As much as I'm flattered by your interest, the roundups will happen when I MAKE them happen. And sign that FUCKING expense report! There are plenty of other balogs that would love to have me, you know. Maybe even some (gasp) blogs, too.


  1. I'm pretty sure 'rub and tug' isn't an allowable expense, Skeevs.

    And I can't believe you're in bed with the ketchup lobbyists.