Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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So, Anonymous (hopefully not the organization), said this today:

Hey, you guys remember when anybody had anything in any way positive or constructive to say in the comments of this blog?

Me neither.
I have made my feelings about negative posts that rip on other commenters well known.  I don't like them, I don't find them interesting, I don't think they're consistent with whatever this blog is supposed to be, which is nothing, other than a cheap joke that has sort turned into the Hanukkah of the Internet in terms of its ability to outlast its anticipated shelf life.  I do keep an eye out for them and I will be more proactive about deleting them going forward.  Please keep them to a minimum.

That said, and this is my opinion only, I don't think it's been too bad of late.  Frankly, the positive, funny, constructive comments seem to have far outweighed the "so and so" sucks garbage.  This isn't Deadspin; it's an inherently uber-meta locker room, and there is going to be towel snapping and some snickering about people who don't get it (and, really, it's not so much about those who try and don't get it as much as those who have made it painfully clear that they do not - and will not ever - give a fuck about getting it).

I know who most of the people are who comment here (not because I have any sketchy email monitoring software, but because they've told me).  Other than Hatey, I know that every one of the recent COTY winners /nominees is a pretty regular reader and/or commenter here.  These are people who genuinely care about Deadspin comments, want to make it an inclusive place where people can try new and different things, and occasionally get frustrated when they see someone metaphorically piss all over something they put a lot of thought into.  Would I rather there was none of that?  Yes, and that goes for my own occasional snide remark that slips out.  The last thing this blog should do is discourage people from commenting and trying their own thing.  I just don't think it does that.

Hell, maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like comment quality has been up since we started this little experiment, both in terms of quality and variety.  I think people like to know why a joke worked, or didn't, and the discussion here helps.  I hope that's why more than 30,000 of you visited us in February.

I'll continue to monitor the comments here, but I think you guys are doing great, and I hope all of you keep showing up everyday.*

Pictured: Us; Not Pictured: Pete Gaines

*Not you, Echo.


  1. I know this COTY nominee* is a regular reader.

    * nominated self

    1. Hey man, you're all of our nominee for crap of the year.

  2. I HOPE THAT the new guy hazing at Deadspin is to make them literally eat shit because I am going to kill you IMG and then chop you up into bite-size pieces so the Dave Matthews replacement feller can eat you, you (for now) giant piece of shit IMG.

    /hey emma! you wanna get a daiquiri this summer?

  3. If you want some positive feedback, here, I drew you a hot bath.

    /drops mic

  4. 30,000 pageviews divided by 100 visitors. Do the math. Seriously, I can't, but it must be something lower than you think.

  5. It's still okay if I viciously attack my own shitty comments, right? For instance, that last "+1" I gave was pathetically unorginal. I was nothing but a glory rider on a thread full of +1ers.

  6. Personally, I only come here to see the ripping and infighting. If I only wanted the "uber-meta locker room" and towel-snapping, well...I'd just read DUAN.