Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ok You Pukes, Tutorial Time

Hi friends. It's your buddy CJ Spilleryourguts. Yes, my parents hated me. Next question.

I've got a gripe with you people. You fill these open threads with links that, bless's little soul, don't work. That means your old pal CJ has to copy the link, open a new window, and paste it. If you think I'm wasting my precious time with all of that when I could be wrapping up my weekly My Little Pony podcast, you are mistaken.

So, to post a link to, let's say, the best song the world has ever known, type this:
<a href="">World's Greatest Song!</a>

and you'll get this:
World's Greatest Song!

Also, <b>bold text</b> = bold text. <i>italic text</i> = italic text.

And don't ask me why you can't put apostrophes in your fake names. Who am I, Professor Internet?

A step in the right direction


  1. While you are at it, can you teach the mediocre starred masses how not to be gigantic pussies? Start with anyone who is best known for something other than making funny comments. Start with boxing, living in some random foreign city, or solving obscure puzzles.

    1. Diego &quot;The Pugilist From Barcelona Who Loves Sudoku&quot; RamirezMarch 30, 2012 at 12:03 AM

      Choke on a dick.