Friday, July 13, 2012

MKM Roundup Because I'm Sick of Waiting for MBA

No, not the good kind, like Skeevy does.  Just a few items worthy of discussion from a difficult day.  And it was a difficult day for me.  I don't know about you guys, but it's one thing to believe that Paterno and the other administrators at PSU were guilty as sin.  It's another to see it laid out, time and again, in brutal specific detail.  I don't have kids, I have no connection to PSU, I never idolized Joe Paterno, and I felt physically weak on numerous occasions today reading excerpts from the Freeh Report (and on one occasion after slamming a half bottle of wine in one gulp at dinner to "impress" my wife).

  • Here's my vote for comment of the day, and what a surprise, it goes to one man wrecking crew Mantis Toboggan, MD.  This joke works on so many levels - I mean, the wording is spot on - but what's most impressive about it is that Mantis took a very mundane misspelling and made it into something absolutely side splitting.  Drew tried to do the same thing and didn't get nearly as good a result.  It's about as big a compliment you can give a commenter to say he outdid Big Daddy Drew and that's exactly what happened here.  Just fucking lovely. 
  • Here is a glorious pyramid that brought the best out of almost all the Deadspin heavyweights, perfectly started by friend of the blog, I Like Cheap Beer.  I mean, this is what Deadspin is to me, and it was what I think a lot of us feared was lost when Kinja came around.  Guess what, it's still here.  Major high fives to everyone who participated. 
  • Lionel Osbourne is the rarest of Deadspin commenters.  He is loved by all, consistently funny, and he can make an obvious statement hysterical just with his pitch perfect delivery.  This reply is a great example of that. 
  • This is just Eddie Murray Sparkles being Eddie Murray Sparkles.  Light-hearted, irreverent, simple while still being more clever than almost anyone else.  Just great stuff. 
  • I'm not not going to include this very nice Photoshop effort from Raysism.  That's good hustle, and Polk Panther himself would approve.  It's almost enough to make you stop hating Raysism.  Almost.*
And, here's a self-critical moment that will look like I'm fishing for a compliment but - swear to JoePa -it really isn't.  The only good thing I have to say about this comment is that I typed it from an iPhone while getting a coffee, which is pretty impressive (provided you weren't behind me in the line at Starbucks).  The joke was supposed to be that Paterno is so shameless he never stops lying to try and save his image no matter how hopelessly gone it is.  I think that got lost in the delivery.  I do appreciate the kind words from a few of you, but the only reason I even bothered to push submit on this one was because I'd committed an entire iPhone battery to typing it.  

* Not even remotely close


  1. For my money, it doesn't get better than the editor of a balog about a blog copying a (junior?) editor of the same balog's parody of a blog about the comments on the same blog.

    1. [approves expense report]
      [wonders why there is $1,843 billed to]

    2. Phoenix to Tacoma is not a cheap flight.