Saturday, July 14, 2012

MKMOT (July 14-15, 2012)

Great job yesterday!

/wanking motion.

Max effort can continue below. For reasons I still don't understand, I woke up early to unlock for you. Walk right on by if you want, but you can't deny that it's open.


  1. In terms of economic status, I think it's fair to say that IMG, Hume, and Raysism are Socs. I always had the impression Texan was a Soc.

    Who are the Greasers? Who is Pony Boy? For whatever reason, I've always had the impression Uwe is a Greaser.

    1. No way. Uwe would definitely be played by Leif Garrett in the movie .

    2. Fuck did Leif Garrett ever do to you???

    3. I sat through his entire E True Hollywood Story.

      Also, I sat through Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

    4. Well of course you sat* through it. Very entertaining.

      *spread peanut butter on your sack and called the dog over

    5. I think we can all agree if anyone would be "Two-Bit", it's All Over But The Sharting.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't know man. Without some serious reverb, classics like Tuff Enuff by the Fabulous Thunderbirds could never have been recorded.

  3. Guy Who Is Ron SwansonJuly 15, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    The Joke from Mantis Toboggan, M.D. in the Selig post yesterday took some sleuthing to get, but the payoff was worth it.