Thursday, July 5, 2012

MKMOT (July 5, 2012)

So how was everybody's 4th? Splendid? Grand.

A bit of a late start today. Sadly, Skeevy has what doctors call an allergic reaction to Stars and Stripes Forever, so he's mainlining Benadryl and taking it easy today. IMG was busy arguing how an annual income of 3.6 million really isn't that much to live on, and I had to do actual work this morning. For depriving you of three hours with which to comment about commenting, we say, shove it up your pie holes you bunch of lousy ingrates apologize.

Anyway, let's chat it up below, shall we?


  1. State of the Union:

    MadBastardsAll is dead.
    Marv Skeevy is dead.
    UweBollocks has thrown in the towel.
    Deadspin commenting is on life support.
    Raysism is on Twitter.

    Kinja = rousing success?

    1. Meh. Small sample size. I don't think we'll really know until it's conclusively proven that Phin has stopped commenting.

    2. Wait, that's the Raysism I started following on Twitter? I thought it was just a fan page for people who hate minorities. Now I feel like an asshole.

  2. Holy fuck, the "comments" in the Goddell post are depressing. Can one of you funny guys haul your ass over there and make a good joke before I force something into that cesspool?

    1. These unapproved accounts are just so mind-balogginly terrible. I think I could be happy dealing with kinja, even without the bluetonic fix, if we could just go back to approving commenters.

    2. Agreed.

      I'm totally drawing a blank for the Goddell post, even at my mediocre level. I desperately want to add a joke. And I'm fucking horrified that Barry might wade in, engage these morons, and encourage them to come back so they can call Barry a h0m0 or something other devastating burn like that.

    3. Absolutely. I am hard-pressed to figure out which is worse: the Burners are just the everyday would-be pinks, but now with the "view all" fix (which I hope would spur an official option, by the way) the lack of an approval system is by far the biggest problem.

      Unfortunately, it's also the problem that's least likely to be fixed. I don't see how this gets better.

    4. Nice typo, moron. Yikes. Maybe YOU'RE the biggest problem.

  3. Also, CJ, excellent song selection today. One of my all time faves.

  4. Erg,

    I dismissed that comment only because I dismissed all replies that weren't adding to the pyramid. No offense meant and thanks for the +1.


    1. Apparently...dismissed comments show up on their own removed from the thread on blueTunic's view (you're not losing your mind Erg...I believe that's what happened when I moved it).

    2. Hey. StF! If you dismiss the comment from "TheHumanElement" it'll also dismiss the comment in reply to that person. Which would really kind of finalize cleaning up the pyramid. And that would be awesome.

    3. [Points fingers like guns]

      [Shoots "fingerguns"]

      [Blows "smoke" from "fingerguns"]

      [Holsters "fingerguns"]

      [Pantomimes "work activity"]

    4. Thanks.

      You pretended to spin the "fingerguns" before holstering, didn't you?

    5. Bless you. And anything done to further a pyramid is done in a good cause. Kinda sad to lose the insanity defense, though.

    6. I would love to read all these comments alluded to, but all I'm getting is a grey & white sideways barberpole and the comments won't load. Is it my piece 'o shit work computer or have the comment faeries found a new way to ban.


    7. Well woopee. I saw my comment on the top line and tried to redact it. Now it shows up on the top line and also in the pyramid. I may have been editing the silly thing while SbV8 was dismissing and given Kinja the heebie jeebies. If you are inclined, try to dismiss it again because:

      In the middle of all this my mojo factor appeared to drop and move my comments to the right where they belong. Maybe a dismissal lowers the mojo rank for anyone having a comment dismissed. Which, considering that some of us were piddling with dismissals, may account for some of the lower ranks assigned to some damn good commenters. The reversal of the dismissal also reversed the reversal of the mojo and now I'm back on the left with everyone looking at me. And now I'm getting a headache and am not going to think about Kinja for a while.

  5. Mangini In A BottleJuly 5, 2012 at 7:29 PM

    I know we're not always eye-to-eye with the Jezebel crowd, but I feel bad for them at the moment, thanks to Kinja: they're getting trolled hardcore in their comments sections. Uh, literally.

    No links because a) I'm lazy and b) we're talking hardcore like NSFW. Good times.

  6. Thought about putting this in DUAN but decided weeding out the burners can be eliminated by putting it here. If anyone wanders by:

    Any recommendations on commercial Twitter feeds?
    4)Whatever, non-sports included