Monday, September 10, 2012

50 Days of HATE- The Intro

For the next 50 days, our balog is going to have a focus. Well, the writeups are, anyway. Starting today, and continuing up until Halloween, that focus will be music. Bad music.

I know what you're thinking. Aren't there enough music blogs out there? Yes. But, to the best of my knowledge, there are zero music balogs. And there are zero that double as forums to make Guy Who comments about the comments on another site or generally spew gibberish. MKMOT isn't going away. The rules haven't changed.

I can't stress that point enough. This is still going to be your open thread. Maybe you'll use the music as a jumping off point for discussion, maybe it will prove completely irrelevant, but this idea is largely inspired by things I've seen in your previous comment history. This list is bound to breed some controversy, and controversy is what you all do so well.

That being said, it's going to be 100% genuine. Literally zero research was done. My selections are nothing more that an honest reflection of songs that my ears tell my brain to tell my heart to HATE, and are not designed to manufacture any artificial outrage. Some won't be controversial at all, but others are likely to have me pilloried. I welcome this, as long as the tomatoes being fired at me were planted with the same seeds of honesty as the selections that made me their target.

The writeups will vary. Some may be long tirades, others may contain songs that are best presented without comment. I have no doubt that you will offer your own suggestions, and I welcome it. But it won't influence the next 50 posts. I've made the list, and I've checked it twice. It has to do with lots of hatin' and it ain't nuthin' nice.

I apologize for what I'm about to put your ears through. But remember who the real perpetrators are. I'm merely doing a retrospective on their heinous crimes. And so it begins...


  1. I'm sure someone will find this interesting, but I really only come here for the Deadspin metacommentary. If I wanted to hear people bitch about what indie music is cool and what popular music is bad, I'd go hang out in the lobby of the Pitchfork offices.

    That being said, if either (a) you abandon this dumb idea after a couple of days, or (b) people generally ignore the post and just talk DS in the comments, I'll keep clicking the MKM tab on my favorites bar.

    1. Oh, let's be honest. You just read the title and got your hopes up that the next 50 posts would all be about you. It was an honest mistake, and I understand your disappointment - but let's give Marv a chance.

    2. How about for the next 50 days, I just type "I hate Raysism." Would that be better? I mean, I do that anyway, I just do it on my live journal usually.

  2. Baloggins is gonna be pissed.