Saturday, October 20, 2012

MKMOT/50 Days of HATE- Day 36 (October 20-21, 2012)

We're still doing that mail-it-in-on-the-weekend thing, right? If not, tell me. I can always come back and do a real write-up.

Don't rule out chatting down below this weekend. I know you're busy baking mani-COT-ti with fresh ri-COT-ta, and chauffeuring your kids around to their Kara-TAY lessons and all that, but they can be late. I'm sure Sensei Anderson will understand.  There will be weather, and food, and sprots! A veritable cornucopia for Guy Whoing. You can always talk about music, too. But probably not this song. Because the HATEability really requires no further elaboration. Right? RIGHT??? It's open.


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    1. Guy Who Sees Guy Who Still Cannot Believe That This Is Not A Joke And Raises Guy Who Still Cannot Believe That This Is Not A JokeOctober 20, 2012 at 10:12 AM

      Whoop whoop!
      It makes me wanna whoop whoop!
      I just can't help but whoop whoop!
      There's just something 'bout your Whoop whoop!
      Whoop whoop!

      [Verse 1 - Cowboy Troy]
      Whoop whoop got me jumpin' through hoops
      'Cause a day without your love girl, I can't recoup
      Send chills down my spine every time we touch
      You say come here I get in gear, like poppin' the clutch
      That rush like you're rollin' down a hill
      You said, "Be still, I got a chill!"
      I said, "Okay girl, I will!"
      With the sweat accumulating in a pool in your navel
      I'm rockin' your body 'cause I'm willin' and able
      Truth not fable, I make the bed sing like the movies on cable
      Holdin' on tight sittin' tall in the saddle
      Your heels inside just like spurrin' cattle
      Hearts in rhythm, nibble on my ear please be my friend
      Your hair is gettin' tangled 'cause I make your body tingle
      By the hair of my chinny-chin chin, gotta get your

      [Repeat Chorus]

      [Verse 2 - Cowboy Troy]
      In the morning when I'm yawnin' I wake up
      The sunrise in your eyes helps to heat me up
      A kiss and a hug and and an "I love you"
      A kiss back and a wink and "I love you too"
      Two hearts, one soul walkin' on air
      Livin' on love, livin' on a prayer
      Lips so sweet like chocolate
      I get a rush so strong I can't forget
      Love is the breeze that fills my sails
      I crave to breathe what you exhale
      I'll cross the desert with life at its worst
      All I need is your touch to quench my thirst
      Think the same without saying a word
      Your voice is the sweetest thing I've heard
      Go on punkin' put this song on loop
      I gotta tell you again baby, I gotta get your...

      [Repeat Chorus]

      [Repeat Chorus x 2]

  2. “Patches the Kitten”

    If Patches the kitten, put on some mittens, could he catch footballs as good as Jason Witten?
    It would be written, that players could be bitten, and Patches would stay on the bench just sittin’.

    Until there came a day, to Goodell’s dismay, a rule change would finally allow Patches to play.
    Try as he may, things would not go his way, a lack of opposable thumbs would not let him secure the ball away.

    After the fumbles that year, the end would be near, and Patches would have to call it a career.
    But have no fear, Patches would not tear, for he would be doing color on Monday Night Football the following year!

  3. It's a "premium" malt beverage!

    It says so right on the aggressively colored giant can!!!

    1. If my soul were any more crushed, I'd put it in a shaker and liberally sprinkle it all over my Totino's before shitting it out at 3AM while simultaneously puking.

    2. Only Orange Driver tells it like it is: "Select white wine, sub-standard grape wine from choice grapes, citrus neutral spirits with natural orange flavor artificially colored with FD & C Yellow #5 & 6. Contains Sulfites."


    I want to die.

  5. I miss the old commenters. What a waste.