Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MKMOT/50 Days of HATE- Day 38 (October 23, 2012)

So I just watched the latest episode of Dexter, and I'm reminded why my love holds strong. Few shows in recent memory are quite as polarizing. Critics, somewhat justifiably, take issue with the over-the-top nature that toes the line of shark-jumping. Supporters, more rightfully, understand that this is part and parcel for a show based on a borderline absurd storyline that is to be granted leeway if accepted from the start, and that the thrill of the underlying thematic challenge of traditional morals trumps the increasingly difficult suspension of disbelief that is required to get us there. I admit to being just about the worst disbelief-suspender the world has ever known, but I look past the unfathomable escapes, feats of superhuman strength, and increasingly cartoonish villains because they all lead back to a moral question that I find both fascinating and almost uncomfortably identifiable. An ex of mine, who I am on good terms with, once told me that I remind her of Dexter. I was a bit confused, yet not insulted. I don't look like him, I am not a blood spatter analyst, and I have certainly rarely never taken a life. I choose to believe that she was referring to the strength of my moral conviction to challenge conventional notions of "good", rather than my penchant for plastic wrap. Either way, at the end of last night's episode, when Deb bemusedly asks what her gladness over Dexter's latest kill means, I spit out his answer in my head before he uttered the word. "Human." That's how it makes me feel week after week, in a way that is complex and thrilling, and that's why I remain on board. And Homeland, I can't even get started right now. Undeniable greatness that calls for a write-up of its own. Look for that within a few weeks if interested.

Oh, HATE??? Let's see... Dexter's last name is Morgan. There is a country singer named Lorrie Morgan. This song is everything that is wrong with country music. And I'm sure Kevin Bacon may have boned Lorrie Morgan while listening to it.

It's open.


  1. This post was brought to you by Showtime.

    Stay tuned for the best of Red Shoe Diaries.

  2. Does Deadspin pay like home businesses, except their unit of productivity is captured tweet and not stuffed envelope?

  3. Choosy Moms Choose .gifsOctober 23, 2012 at 10:42 AM

    And so do sports-blogs, apparently. I think that's why my computer seems like it's going to melt every time I visit goddamn Deadspin anymore.

  4. Marv! Can you at least do us the common courtesy of giving a spoiler alert at the beginning of your post? I mean I knew your parents’ basement had a desktop computer and internet, but you have Showtime too?! You are so spoiled! I’m just going to assume at this point that you’re getting a pretty hefty weekly allowance too. May I suggest that you use some of that unearned income to buy yourself some god damn American pride. If you can’t enjoy something as American as Honkytonk Badonkadonk, then I have to seriously start to question where you stand. Luckily for you there’s an election coming up where you can make a choice – you can either vote for America and everything that has made it so great (rich people, tax loopholes, unnecessary wars, cheap foreign labor, Trace Adkins) or you can vote against America and for everything that’s trying to ruin it (lazy poor people, handouts, the cheatin’ Chinese, electric cars). The choice is yours.

    1. It doesn’t take a genius to take a look at the two candidates and figure out which one Jamie Foxx would be playing, Mitt Romney.

  5. Yes, but what's going on with The C Word?

    [Long beat]

    You know... your mama?

    /High-fives self

  6. I think I ate too much of that fried chicken. I can feel the heartburn coming on.

  7. GuyWhoUsedToGoByCTVOctober 23, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    I miss all of you guys. Except Phin.

    Also, Sons of Anarchy is getting fucking crazy. They are gonna have to kill everyone off this season.