Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Deadspin Commenting Only Has One Rule

So, if you had asked me 24 hours ago if there was any way to get a laugh by spoofing Landycakeboss's miserable bro stories in DUAN, I would have said "ehhh....I don't think so."  (I would have said it exactly like that, hence the quotation marks.)  If such a thing is possible, the spoofs always were even worse than the original: meaning that instead of simply ignoring them and rolling my eyes, I would ignore them, roll my eyes, spend several seconds wondering to myself what is wrong with a human being to make them commit that much time to spoofing something that (a) they could just ignore and (b) which no one in his/her right mind would ever read, quickly unheart anyone involved and/or offering praise for said spoof, kick a stray cat, and then return to sipping a 1998 Salon with tray passed canap├ęs, which is my standard DUAN snack (I am a busboy at a really fancy champagne bar).

Anyway, it's a good thing I never said that, and a good thing that the Deadspin commentariat eschews all rules other than "be funny," because look at what biden_dirty did last night.  It's totally original (well...maybe not so much) and hysterical, especially the subliminal assault on that pansy ass Cicero.  Yeah, take that, you praeteritio-employing bi-atch!

+1, biden_dirty.

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